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Dating tips

Hello dear friends, welcome to the official blog!

17 Jan 2016

Scammers' behaviour is foreseeable, so why not learn how to tell a good deal from a fraud? Any correspondence with a scammer always contains salient features that can be easily found out by an experienced eye. So, if you plan to date a foreign girl, you have to know all the “red flags”. It will efficiently help you to avoid romance scams. We created this anticsam blog in order to share with you some principles of avoiding dating scams. We will also show you financial scam techniques you can face during your correspondence. Being able to educe tricks of any scammers, you will feel much more confident during your internet dating. Talking about avoiding dating scams in general, we introduce you some “pillars” leans on in its anti-scam policy. UaDreams worked out strict ...

Top 7 mistakes which guys make in online dating.

05 Feb 2019

We all set ourselves any life goals, be it a prestigious job, good physical shape or any useful skill. To achieve our goals, we’re ready to spend time and money on education and training.

Why, when you want a happy and long-term relationship with a nice girl, you naively believe that all you need is to post your profile on a dating site and everything happens by itself.

As a result, most men make the same mistakes when dating online and often fail. So, we present an overview of the most common online dating mistakes made by guys.

6 tips on how to stop thinking about someone.

05 Feb 2019

It could be perfect if we could say to our ex-boyfriend or girlfriend just “Thank you and goodbye”, without thinking on reasons of your break or recollecting all sweet memories about your past roman.

But in the most cases it is only wishful thinking. We recall again and again all memories and it’s so painful that we couldn’t start something new because of fear of pain in future.

You have a choice – to continue analyzing what is wrong with you or just stop thinking about someone who is not your hero. How to manage with your feelings – read in the next article.

How to date in your 30s, dating advice for thirties men.

05 Feb 2019

You do not know how to start dating in your 30 years? It’s not a death verdict when you are thirty, even more – you are becoming free in all spheres of your life, including your romantic relationship.

Even if you are not typical Casanova, don’t scary of idea to spend your thirty in fruitful attempts to find your special one. You have everything that you need for successful dating – good career, a lot of time for self-development and fun.

In your thirty you are interesting interlocutor, good listener and patient partner. So, don’t even think that you couldn’t meet your soul mate, read our next article.

Tips and tricks how to move on after rejection.

01 Feb 2019

life after rejectionLove is like the sea, storms happen in it and the fair wind does not always blow. Simply put, if you decide to seek love and try to establish a close relationship, be prepared for the fact that someone rejects you. And it can happen more than once.

No guy is immune from temporary failures in love. Refusal in love is quite painful, but not so terrible. And for one who learns to reasonably approach a situation of rejection, not to lose heart and move on — all this becomes only an unpleasant episode on the path of happiness.

Here we’ll talk of the issue.

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