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28 Jahre alt aus Zaporozhye
24 January

160 cm 5' 3''

48 Kg 106 lbs






in der Gesellschaft


University degree


aviation material engineering

Ledig und Keine Kinder

Möchte sie Kinder haben?
werde mit meinem Ehemann beschliessen

Meine Sprachen
Ukrainian Fluent
Russian Native
English Beginner

Sandra von Zaporozhye 28 jahre - beeindruckendes Aussehen. My wenig öffentliches foto.
My typical day
My typical day starts with the breakfast. There is a wise saying that I try to follow - Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper, so having a healthy breakfast is an important part of the morning for me. I go to work, and after that I go to the training or just have a walk. Physical activity is also important for me, as it keeps me in shape and gives me good mood :)
Sandra von Zaporozhye 28 jahre - natürliche Schönheit. My wenig öffentliches foto.
How would I describe myself
What can I say about myself? Honestly, I would love YOU to get to know me better and get your own opinion of my personality and my inner world :) I am open for you, like an open book, just turn over the pages one by one... ;)
My future goals are
Of course, the main and the most important goal for me is to create a family. I want to become a good wife for my husband and to make him happy. I think it is a good goal for a woman! Besides, I have a dream to see the world! I want to expand my horizons to keep on improving myself, moving ahead and never stop in making myself better!
Sandra von Zaporozhye 28 jahre - single russische Frauen. My wenig öffentliches foto.
Our personal opinion of this Lady
The lady is very energetic and positive, also she is mature beyond her years! She is really charming, and it is pleasant to stay in her company.
Sandra von Zaporozhye 28 jahre - Fotoshooting. My wenig öffentliches foto.
The type of man that I desire
If you ask me to describe a kind of man I see next to me, I will not start with appearance, I will not talk about such things as appearance, age, height and weight at all)) I want to see a real gentleman next to me! Maybe a little conservative and old-fashioned. But the main thing for me is to feel his love. That is probably the main criteria for me - being loving :) I believe that Love is like an art. Love is something that can turn your whole world upside down, and I am willing to experience it together with my Man!
Sandra von Zaporozhye 28 jahre - sucht Liebe. My wenig öffentliches foto.
About my family
My family is not big) I grew up without a father, I was brought up by my Mom and Granny, and for now I have very good relations with my Mom. I also have cousins, but we do not meet often. I have not had a full family when I was little, but I have a desire to build a strong family by myself. I have much love and warmth to give, I know that it will be a good basis for building a healthy family!
Sandra von Zaporozhye 28 jahre - Fotogalerie. My wenig öffentliches foto.
What I do in my leisure time?
I enjoy spending my free time productively. I like getting to know something new, getting some new skills and also impressions. I believe that every day, every moment of life should be cherished... I do not want to spend any day of my life in vane! I am fond of reading, swimming, being in nature. In the warm time of the year I most of all enjoy being outdoors, walking, going to the beach. Would you make me a company? ;)
Sandra von Zaporozhye 28 jahre - liebende Frau. My wenig öffentliches foto.
Sandra von Zaporozhye 28 jahre - sich vorstellen. My wenig öffentliches foto.
Sandra von Zaporozhye 28 jahre - will geliebt werden. My wenig öffentliches foto.
Sandra von Zaporozhye 28 jahre - glückliche Frau. My wenig öffentliches foto.

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