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UaDreams Scam Prevention policy

Scam warning for all UADreams members

Within Anti-Scam program our matchmaking agency intends to do our best trying to help our members to avoid being scammed.

Anti-scam dating warnings by UADreams

There are a lot people looking for their love via internet, hoping to find something real and true, but there are also people who can use your frank intentions for their benefit and profit.

You can face such problems in real life with real people and via Internet as well. You have to be cautious about ukrainian dating scams tricks!

We ALL may suffer from scam run by unscrupulous people. MEN scammed by dishonest russian women stop believing that it is possible to find a good, loving Ukrainian wife, and quit. As men lose their interest in finding a wife through Internet, honest WOMEN get less opportunities to find the right guy for marriage.

In connection with said above we believe that protecting members of UaDreams (from both sides) and keeping their personal information private is as important to us as helping them find love. Therefore we strongly advise our members NOT to exchange personal information with their ladies before their first meeting in our offices.

For all members of UaDreams - first meeting!

UaDreams can guarantee your safetyIf you hold the first meeting in person OUT of UaDreams office we CANNOT assume any responsibility for your security, UaDreams cannot guarantee your safety as well the safety of your feelings or your money.

We are against ukraine bride scam obtaining money by means of deception. UaDreams is concerned about those women who make this their practice, who are in the business of cheating and scamming men. UaDreams supports anti-scam program and cares about our reputation. Don't send any money to any lady and contact us immediately if you get any request for money, we will move her profile to the black list.

But we also want to assure you that you do not risk communicating with the ladies via agency and we know almost everything about them .

The work of our offices (and of UaDreams agency in general) is built on the principle of friendly communication with all the members.

All the information you can find in the profiles of our lady-members - like age, marital status, education, children and so on - is true and checked. You will never be able to find any fake photo or disinformation - and all these is due to the work of UaDreams' staff.

When you are building relationships, it is very important to be safe and careful. When you are looking for love on the Internet, you should remember about the scams. There are a lot of scammers who are looking for the easy money, whose aim is to take your money so be attentive and you will be safe. Join only trusted websites and agencies, remember about the red flags that help you recognizing a scammer. Following the simple rules will save your time and money. Find out more about our AntiScam policy, we work to make your communication more pleasant and safe.

How do we protect our members?

  • No Agency adds members’ profiles.
    We don’t allow the agencies to post the ladies profiles and to ask our members men pay for corresponding with women.
  • No business promotion is allowed.
    There is no promotion that is given by the third people or agencies.
  • No fake photos and people
    We guarantee that only real people with real photos are on our website. is a place with real ladies only.
  • No Golddiggers here
    Each and every potential female member undergoes a thorough study of her background information. It includes not only verification of her documentary information for correctness of her name, age, citizenship, etc., but also an examination of her previous history in online dating, her social media profiles for any signs of unwanted activities or questionable reputation. We also monitor information on different online resources and do not allow ladies to become our members if their data is shared is those lists with label of a scammer, professional dater or gold digger.
  • Passport verification.
    When the lady would like to join our website, we check everything carefully. We check the woman’s passport and other identification documents. If we have any doubts we double check everything. Although, we can’t guarantee that something in lady’s life will change in the future.
  • We don’t sell personal information.
    We protect both men and women members. We don’t want anybody is scammed. So all personal information stays personal until the first meeting in person. We don’t sell the e-mail address or phone number, all private information stay private.
  • Don’t send money to ladies.
    All ladies know our strict AntiScam rules, they know that it is forbidden to ask for money. We ban the women who do this. Please inform us if this occurs.

Financial Scam Technique

Common financial scam techniquesUaDreams agency wants You to be able to protect yourself by learning how to spot the danger signs of scams. Common financial scam techniques are given below.

If a buyer promises a cashiers check/money order/Western union that overpays you, and then requests that you wire the difference to them after keeping some for yourself, beware! Scamsters who adopt this method typically use forged or bogus checks, and it's not difficult to realize who's overpaying who.

If you receive and reply from someone in Africa/Nigeria/Abidjan who claims to have millions of dollars from a dead husband/father/brother and wants you to help get the money out of their country - it just sounds too good to be true! This is commonly known as the Nigerian 419 scam, and is named after the corresponding penal code of Nigeria.

If a seller offers his goods at an unbelievably low price, you should ascertain if he's credible. Some scamsters take your money and run, leaving you with nothing but a lighter wallet. Pay by credit card where possible. In most cases, you can dispute credit card charges for non-delivery of goods. You can also use an intermediary service such as escrow. For a small fee, an escrow service holds the payment, forwarding it to the seller only when the buyer has received the goods in working order. An escrow service will also act as a mediator in times of dispute.

Anti-scam. Single Ukrainian woman

The red flags that will help you to be safe

All scam patterns have similarities that are very easy to spot if you know what to watch out for:

  • You met on a free site.
    These sites are the place where nobody checks the profiles. The lovely lady writes you and says that “she” is interested in you, you impressed her a lot and so on. She makes you feel that you are the one special from the first letter.
  • She doesn’t say the word “money”.
    What does it mean for you? You should be very attentive if the lady doesn’t ask you about your financial status or your income. As usual men worry when they are asked this question. But you should be careful if “she” doesn’t show an interest. “She” may pretend.
  • She’s looking for a good personality.
    She doesn’t need anything else except of good personality. This word combination doesn’t say anything and is wide at the same time and lets every man think that it’s about him.
  • “She” falls in love fast.
    She is in a hurry and she starts saying about love in the first letters. Be extremely careful and don’t believe in love from the first letter.
  • “She” would like to be mysterious.
    The woman doesn’t answer your questions even if you ask her. She stays mysterious and she wants you to be curious and think about her all the time.
  • She doesn’t have money.
    The lady tells you that she is not financially secure, that her salary is small and the boss doesn’t pay it in time. Of course, it may be the truth but the lady whose aim is to build serious relationships will not start talking about this unless your communication is close enough.
  • Sick relatives and pets
    Be sure if you get the information about sick mother, father, a hamster or a parrot in the second letter, you faced a scammer. Be wise and don’t send money, of course, as a gentleman you’d like to help and to save your lady. But don’t save the scammer, go on looking for your lady.
  • She asks money for trip
    You like each other and you decide to meet but you are too busy at work to visit the lady. So you decide to invite her and at that very moment you got the letter from her with extremely high prices. You will get the sum for visa, the double price for the tickets and so on. If you would like to check, suggest paying everything yourself. You’ll buy a ticket and you will send her it, you’ll book the hotel and so on. Be very attentive and smart, even though you like the woman a lot.
  • Got money and disappeared.
    When a scammer gets money, she disappears and never answers the letters or phone calls. But there are some scams who tell you very sad stories with 100 reasons and stay in touch, hoping to get more.

There are a lot of other "red" flags

The most prominent is the fact that scammers don't really read your letters. They are too busy corresponding with all potential victims. They don't answer your questions. They don't remember what you have written - actually, they don't relate to the content of your letters at all. Those letters could be sent to anybody: "her" letters are pure monologue that becomes more and more obsessed with "her love" to you and her desire to be together with you despite of everything that separates you. There are usually sequences of letters, and they send the same messages to all their correspondents, one by one, making the only change - the man's name (usually it appears only once, or does not appear at all - *she* uses "sweetheart", "my love" etc instead). And of course sooner or later it will end in money request.

Dear Gentlemen: the above statements are not a rule, but patterns that UaDreams has experienced with online correspondence. We advise that you pay attention and be cautious!

You can also meet not only a scam master, but fun lovers. These ladies like to travel from one country to another, to spend three months with one guy then one month with another... All costs are paid, new country, new experience, lots of shopping - lots of fun! for her, but not for you if you truly look for long term relations. By the end of her trip, she will inform you that she is not ready to make a commitment and need some time to think it over or that she thinks that they do not complement each other.

An average regular person can not easily leave the country for three months. If she is employed, it is almost impossible to get 3 months vacation there, even a student can not easily leave the university or college for this period.

Male Personal Scam Patterns

By now there is one pattern we are aware of - *he* places his profile on free dating sites and invites girls to come to his place and stay for a couple of months to see how it works. During this time period, his lady guest is doing her best to make him to like her - household, cooking, laundry, everything, sure free of charge and then - "good-bye" we are not good for each other. And then next "bride" and the following. This is probably the most difficult case to define if he is a "scammer" or not. But obviously the same pattern will work here - *he* will not be interested in a lady's personality, he will not answer all questions and will avoid to share his life details. *He* will like a lady real fast and will invite her to come to his place without any delays. Dear Ladies, again everything that is said above is not a rule, but UaDreams agency advises you to pay attention and be cautious!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, there are thousands of sincere honest people online who dream to love and be loved, who are truly looking for their soul mates and life partners.

Be cautious, be smart, be lucky and you will find your dream date, best friend, passionate lover and caring loving life partner.

Scammers Letters Examples

Anti-scam. Single Ukrainian womanDear members here UaDreams encloses some extracts from typical scammers letters. Be cautious when getting something similar to these

"Hello My Dear... How are you doing? Dear I do really need your help now. I have very bad times. I got fired from my work and now have financial problems. You know I have my Mom and son living with me. My Mom is retired long time ago and she's only got small pension to live on. I was the one to support our family and now I cannot do it as I lost my job. It'll take me some time to find another one. Till that time we have to live somehow. I would really appreciate if you understand my situation and will send me some money by WU. Hope you are doing fine. Waiting for your answer... "

"Dear I hope everything is all right with you and your family. My health grow worse. The doctor said I need some more detailed medical examination. I'll have to stay in hospital for some time than. It's ok with me as I have this time but the examination will cost me 500$US. I don't know what to do as I don't have this money and don't have friend to borrow it from. I do really need your help now. You are the only one who can help me in this situation"

"Dear I love you and miss you a lot. We've been corresponding with you for such a long time and I think it's time to meet in person. What if I come to visit you? I think it's a great idea! All I need is to apply for visa and get a ticket to your place. To do it I need to apply for my passport first. It'll cost 300$. Please send me this money via WU and I'll apply for my passport as soon as possible. ... "

To report UaDreams about a scam

We support Anti-scam programSend to UaDreams agency a letter, using "Contact Us" form with your name, current email address and your story, provide us with the information proving scam or scamming intention and we will immediately investigate the case. If it's confirmed we'll remove a scammer from our website.

You must be aware of the fact that there are some individuals online who may try to extract from you some amount in cash playing on your feelings. Be cautious and be ready! Let UaDreams help you to avoid a situation when you'll lose your money and will be hurt and disappointed.

General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) is a European Union regulation when The European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission strengthen and unify the protection of personal data of all people in the EU. The decree also aims to export data from the EU.View more

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