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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Hier äußern sie ihre Meinungen, Erfahrungen und Vorschläge, sowie auch ihre Meinungen nach der Mannschaft des UaDreams, für die Männer, die zweite Hälfte in anderem Land suchen.

Lesen Sie, bitte, auch die Begutachtungen der Frauen - sie sind sehr glücklich, Mitglieder unserer Heiratsvermittlung zu sein! Einige Begutachtungen und UaDreams Reviews der Frauen können Sie auch hier finden: Wie machen wir Frauenphotos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Keith: Ich verspreche, Sie werden es nicht bereuen!

Ich schreibe diese Begutachtung für andere Mitglieder von UaDreams, die eine Reise in die Ukraine planen. Lassen Sie mich zunächst damit beginnen, dass eine Reise wie diese für den Mann aus Phx, Az in den USA, völlig untypisch war. Ich wurde von einer so schönen Frau eingeladen, dass ich einfach nicht widerstehen konnte. Während ich das erste Mal hier meine eigenen Reisepläne aufstellte und mit meinem Bruder reiste, kann ich sagen, dass ich beim nächsten Mal die Agentur benutzen werde.

Liebe Herren, ich möchte Ihnen sagen, dass meine Übersetzerin Natalia viel mehr war, als ich mir gehofft habe. Sie begrüßte mich, als ich das Auto verließ und mich mit ihrem warmen Lächeln und ihrer wundervollen Natur beruhigte. Ich war so erleichtert, dass sie genau verstand, was diese Erfahrung für einen Fremden in einem fernen Land bedeutet, der sich zum ersten Mal jemandem von Angesicht zu Angesicht begegnet. Natalia verbrachte den Tag bei uns und machte die Erfahrung zu einer der besten meines Lebens. Danke nochmal, Natalia!

Deswegen kann ich meine Erfahrung in diesem Land mit einer Behauptung zusammenfassen: "Die Frauen der Ukraine sind die größten Schätze dieses Landes!"

Wenn Sie auch nur eine Sekunde lang eine Einladung von jemandem bedenken, den Sie hier auf dieser Seite getroffen haben, oder wenn Sie mehrere schöne Frauen treffen möchten, kann ich nur sagen "TUN SIE ES". Ich verspreche, Sie werden es nicht bereuen!

Keith / die USA Uadreams review
Keith / die USA
21 May 2018
Reise nach Krementschuk

Phil: Nichts wurde vor mir verborgen

Ich stand sehr skeptisch die Online Heiratsvermittlung gegenüber. Als ich in Google sufrte, sah ich gute und schlechte Dinge, aber die schlechten waren nich bis zum Ende schlecht. Als ich hier angekommen bin, holte die Agentur mich vom Flüghafen ab und fuhr mich ins Hotel ohne Probleme und vergewisserte sich, dass alles gut war, bevor der Fahrer wegfuhr.

Alles war so, wie die Agentur versprach. Nichts wurde vor mir verborgen. Die Dolmetscherin war sehr gut und genoss jede Minute meines Besuchs. Die Walh der Restaurante war sehr gut. Es war meine erste Reise ins Ausland und ich möchte mehr Reisen machen. Ich fühle mich sehr sicher und bequem mit dieser Agentur. Haben Sie keine Zweifel! Diese Agnetur ist die beste, die ich gefunden habe, und in allem sehr angenehm.

Alle negative Kommentäre, die erscheinen, wenn man die Agentur im Internet sucht, sind von den Männern, die alles kostenlos haben wollen. Keine Firmen können funkzionieren, wenn alles kostenlos ist! Die Preise sind vernünftig. Ich würde diese Agentur jedem empfehlen, der mich fragt. Danke schön noch einmal für Ihre Service und Hilfe.

Phil / USA Uadreams review
Phil / USA
11 August 2014
Reise nach Sumy

Latest and fresh testimonials date by date

Lucas: Not a question, but a thanks

As the subject line states, I just wanted to send a message saying thanks to the agency, translators, and other staff here. Prior to signing up, I was wanting to try and put myself out into the world of dating again, but after a difficult, mentally, and emotionally abusive relationship, I could not bring myself to even consider myself worthy of another person’s affection or attention. Even after years of therapy to undo what my ex had done, it took (and sometimes takes) a lot to consider that I am worthy of loving someone and being loved back, and I was just about to give up when COVID first began spreading around the world.

After the pandemic was first declared, I decided one night while on a break at work, “well, why not?”, and looked at different dating sites. I signed up here, after a few had been let downs, where I stumbled upon a lady's profile, and... I cannot imagine any part of life without her in it now.

Whenever I get the notification that I have a letter, sms, or other notification from her I can’t help but smile and feel all happy and full of joy, once again. Hearing from her makes my day that much more enjoyable, brighter, and just overall better. I know that she has said she feels the same, and I wish I could see her face to receiving a letter from me.

I know that it is going to be a little while until I can see her in person (round trip tickets are expensive here), but it is going to be worth all the wait. I am going to end this ticket here before I go on longer than expected. I just want to express my gratitude towards those at the agency, and wish everyone at every branch a wonderful new year!

Lucas / USA Uadreams review
Lucas / USA
4 January 2021

Orest: Happy New Year!

Following Ukrainian Tradition I wanted to be the the first male caller to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope everything goes well at uadreams and that uadreams grows, continues to provide such a valuable service for its ladies.

Orest / USA Uadreams review
Orest / USA
4 January 2021

John: Reliable experiences with UaDreams

My latest visit to Lviv with assistance from UaDreams was another reliable experience.

Overs the years, I found that UaDreams proves itself as a reliable agency providing introductions to quality, beautiful women with diversity and openness in developing relationships with men from other countries. The trips I have taken to Ukraine with this agency assures me that their services are reliable, translators and office staffs are professional and talented, and that I am always safe in the city I visit with access to them whenever needed for assistance; with flexibility of time and types of services I may need. Translators evolve from agency representatives planning arrangements and providing ways to make visits comfortable, to becoming friends during visits and after returning to build relationships further, become invited guests like Oksana to wedding plans.

From my first trip to Ukraine and thereafter over several years, I have a good impression and with first-hand experience of visiting Russia and other countries many years ago, I find the Ukrainian people more friendly, caring, honest, genuine, and reliable for building a family-oriented life that has become rare over the years in the U.S. Compared to my experiences with Russia when relations were better between our two countries than now, I never feel like a tourist or foreigner to tolerate, but rather as a welcomed guest to share a smile, joke, or meal with the people of Ukraine. I am looking forward to someday wearing a t-shirt as a husband that I purchased two years ago that reads, “I asked God for strength, and He sent me a Ukrainian woman.”

The women I met in video chat and on visits over the years are wonderful and real, seeking a quality relationship with a decent man wanting the same in life as they do. In relationships, developing understanding and intimacy takes time and effort, is not always guaranteed or easy, but worth attempting when you come to visit and meet someone you are interested in who is also interested in sincerely developing things further with you, not just someone on a computer screen. Face-to-face meetings help determine, for both, if a realistic relationship is possible, with many likely if you can visit often; and, it might happen quickly or over time with a few visits for each to know they found the person they are looking for within the one they are communicating with.

I have met good, beautiful, and down-to-earth women ready to dedicate their feelings and devotion if communications create a true and honest exchange of feelings, thoughts, and common goals for a stable relationship. Finding those with children are just as passionate and open to a real relationship as those yet to experience motherhood. After some tries, starts and stops; twists and turns; until I finally found the right woman for me with honest communications, common thoughts, mutual goals, and ready to create a life together without concern of any age difference, my appearance, or divorced status. Knowing that I raised my children alone as a single parent after my divorce years ago, she wants to create children together someday to fulfill her life as a wife, mother, and devoted lover.

My personal journey took me longer than I expected or hoped for; but I knew that UaDreams would provide the chance for me to eventually meet a woman of my dreams to become the woman I can now dream with.

John / USA Uadreams review
John / USA
15 December 2020
Reise nach Lviv

John: Very enjoyable stay

Hello, my name is John, I am from the USA. I came to Nikolaev to meet a couple of young ladies. It has been a very enjoyable experience, excellent translation services

The city is very clean, friendly and I’ve enjoyed myself quite profusely, no misadventures here. Actually, all people here are very sociable, friendly, and more than willing to help with anything I’ve need, services to find flowers for my lady quite accessible. Very enjoyable stay, come to visit Nikolaev!

John / USA Uadreams review
John / USA
27 November 2020
Reise nach Mykolajiw

Stephen: The trip to Cherkasy was once in a lifetime visit for me

The trip to Cherkasy was once in a lifetime visit for me. I have traveled but never to Eastern Europe. This trip would not have been successful without my dear translator/friend Oksana. What can I say about her? It all started upon my arrival into Cherkasy, and her staling the time and effort to get me and my lady, to the Cherkasy office. The Cherkasy office, from what I have seen, was very professional, clean, and the most of all, friendly! This branch should be the model for other UA branches to follow.

Oksana put together a meal that was unbelievable.She pretty much stayed, stride for stride, with my lady and I over the next 3 days, walked Many kms, and never missed a beat with , very easy translation service, history of Ukraine ( which I loved), and more I would consider her a dear friend))) If I ever need a translator again, it would be Oksana that I demand! This lady (Oksana) is a valuable asset to the UaDream Agency, and should be rewarded for outstanding service she gives not only to the member, the lady, and Ukraine. Promote!

Stephen / USA Uadreams review
Stephen / USA
2-6 November 2020
Reise nach Cherkasy

Ross: The results from UaDreams are very professional

My opinion for this site is that it requires no improvement. Every time I either ask for assistance or a service, the results from UaDreams are very professional and satisfactory.

I sincerely appreciate the service this site displays and offers.

Kind Regards

Ross / Australia Uadreams review
Ross / Australia
15 October 2020

Steven: I would recommend to anyone considering taking a trip

Overall the trip was very nice. I would recommend to anyone considering taking a trip. The interpreter was very good and knowledgeable. The people of Ivano-Frankivsk were very friendly. The city is beautiful and I look forward to returning again soon.

Steven / USA Uadreams review
Steven / USA
15-20 October 2020
Reise nach Ivano-Frankivsk

Gregory: It could not have EVER Happened without all of you!

I wanted to send you a written testimonial about my visit to see my lady in Cherkassy))) I will also upload some pictures of the two of us and I wish for my lady to also review this letter and pics to share. Alona who is just wonderful I wish to help also review the letter with my lady etc.

Thank you SO SO SO Very much UADREAMS and ALL who have helped me along this Journey... It could not have EVER Happened without all of you!!!

Gregory / USA Uadreams review
Gregory / USA
31 August 2020
Reise nach Cherkasy

Gregory: That is definitely not a site with scam

UaDreams has been really wonderful and I’ve been on the site for quite a while. I’ve got to know several girls from different cities. Overtime I would suggest that you get to know the person that you would like to be with, your special lady. And I decided to come to Cherkasy, I have been to Ukraine 2 other times but this time was very special. I came for 3 weeks period. I am here a second week and one more week to go and I suggest taking time to be with your lady to get to know her. And the agency here, UaDreams is incredible, the translators are excellent. Our translator is wonderful and they can really make the difference in your meeting and getting to know that special person that you want to see. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions to get help, the agency is here to provide for you, for your safety and for the girl you seeing. And they have very sincere attentions for you and for the lady that you seeing.

The girls here are real. That is definitely not a site with scam, I can assure you of that. And I had an incredible time, probably the most incredible time of my life to be away from home this long from the US. So, I highly recommend UaDreams to anyone who is looking for that special someone and the Ukrainian women here, especially in Cherkasy are incredible people and I want to get to know them and to gain their trust and they gain your trust, you can have an incredible and beautiful time with the person that you chose to see.

So, highly recommended and wonderful agency, thank you so much.

Gregory / USA Uadreams review
Gregory / USA
30 August 2020
Reise nach Cherkasy

Tim: UaDreams is a fantastic dating service

UaDreams is a fantastic dating service. The care and devotion to their clients is amazing. Thank you for your help in finding my true love.

Tim / USA Uadreams review
Tim / USA
24 August 2020
Reise nach Odessa

Adrie: I am glad I decided to visit again

When I landed in Kiev I noticed there was a nice sunny weather I bought a Ukrainian sim card. And the driver was waiting for me. I was delivered to my hotel and recovered from the arrival.

I was really glad to meet my lady again after a long time. Stupid corona limiting me to visit earlier.

It was very pleasant visit, with good food that I didn’t try before. We were able to bond in a park with ice cream on a terrace with a nice beer. I am glad I decided to visit again and that my girl become even more important in my life.

Adrie / Netherlands Uadreams review
Adrie / Netherlands
21-25 August
Reise nach Sumy

Mathias: I’m happy with the translator

I’m happy with the translator and the quality of translation.
Very much thanks


Mathias Uadreams review
20 August 2020
Reise nach Ivano-Frankivsk

Gregory: Do not hesitate to consider a woman who has children

My visit to Kremenchug was wonderful! Our translator Natasha was very professional and polite as well as conscious. Please do not hesitate to consider a woman who has children. They have so much to offer you... Incredible experience.

Gregory / USA Uadreams review
Gregory / USA
20 August 2020
Reise nach Kremenchuk

Alex: Everything was very pleasant

Thank you for your great professional services. I was very pleased to meet my lady, even after an unexpected change of plans. My adviser Vika was always available and provided a prompt answer.

Everything was very pleasant, our first meeting included the restaurant the ladies sellected for having dinner.

I had a wonderful time.


Alex / Switzerland Uadreams review
Alex / Switzerland
10 August 2020
Reise nach Ivano-Frankivsk

Tim: Ich bin zu glücklich sie zu kennen

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Agentur. Die Übersetzung mit Yana war hervorragend. Es ist sehr angenehm hier Urlaub zu machen. Ich mag das Essen und die vielen Möglichkeiten in Restaurants zu gehen. Die Menschen sind nett, vor allem meine Lady. Sie ist ein liebenswerter Mensch. Ich bin zu glücklich sie zu kennen. Ich würde diesen Service zu jeder vieder in Auspruch nehmen.

I am very happy with the agency. The translation with Yana was excellent. It is very pleasant to have a vacation here. I like the food and the many options in restaurants. The people are nice, especially my lady. She is a lovely person. I am too happy to know you. I would recommend this service to everyone.

Tim / Germany Uadreams review
Tim / Germany
21-26 July 2020
Reise nach Sumy

Iliyan: She is a beautiful lady

Hello, I came to Rovno to meet a long awaited lady.

She is a beautiful lady. We have been writing to each other for 3 years and finally met. The office assistant Raya was very helpful and came on time. We went to a nice restaurant with my lady and after had a coffee together. I gave her presents and her favorite perfume :)

She had to leave the city to meet her relatives and I hope we will meet again in the future.

Iliyan / Netherlands Uadreams review
Iliyan / Netherlands
11 July 2020
Reise nach Rivne

Osama: I personally touched the extent of your effortr effort

Hello Uadreams Staff

Thank you from the heart for this wonderful institution. You are really great and provide excellent services. I personally tried your services and found that they are great and worthy of praise. I have read some negative reviews of different people on some sites and accuse you of fraud.

They really do not appreciate your effort in providing the best services to customers. I personally touched the extent of your effort. I would like to tell you that you never care about the comments of these negative people.

You are very successful and successful I love the services being expensive so that you can know the serious people who are looking for their love because they will do their best to reach their women.

Thank you for everything.

Osama / Iraq Uadreams review
Osama / Iraq
19 May 2020

Daniel: Keep it up you are just a great team

Just wanted to say thank you to all the staff for giving the chance of buying groceries in this hard time to my lady she was so please with this service.

Keep it up you are just a great team.

Thank you very much.

Daniel / Canada Uadreams review
Daniel / Canada
9 April 2020

Albi: Unforgettable moments

I am very happy to be here of meeting with my lady. I wanted to meet her away from the screen, visit Ukraine, also know the culture, customs and interesting places.

I wish that this experience has a good ending. Thank you all for this opportunity and these unforgettable moments.


Albi / Spain Uadreams review
Albi / Spain
13 March 2020
Reise nach Ivano-Frankivsk

Brandon: Don’t hesitate. Make the trip and meet your lady

Everything was amazing. The translator was professional. It was her first time and she did an amazing job. I would recommend making the trip the ladies are amazing. And you will have a great time. Don’t hesitate. Make the trip and meet your lady.

Jane was the other translator I had. I felt comfortable with her and she did a great job. I appreciate the effort and I am happy I came back to meet my lady!

Brandon / USA Uadreams review
Brandon / USA
5 March 2020
Reise nach Kyiv

John: My stay in Lviv was wonderful, magical


Thank you for all your support for my visit to my lady and Oksana’s excellent assistance during my visit and with helping me arrange my return flight home. It is unfortunate that the virus and Trump announcements caused confusion and chaos at European airports. Oksana ensured that I was able to get a flight to Vienna for my connecting flight to Washington DC when my flight from Lviv to Vienna was cancelled.

My stay in Lviv was wonderful, magical and allowed time for my lady and I to become closer. I look forward to returning as soon as possible and to see the lady and Oksana again. Dinner with my lady’s mother, went very well and I look forward to seeing her again and spending time with all my three ladies as I explore Lviv more and develop my relationship with my lady more.

I appreciate the help and concern your agency provided to encourage romance and I strongly believe I found the best and compatible partner in my lady for a mutual future together.

Again, thank you for all your support,

John / USA Uadreams review
John / USA
3-12 March 2020
Reise nach Lviv

Jari: Olga is very good translator

Olga is very good translator. She made my visit comfortable

Jari / Finland Uadreams review
Jari / Finland
29 February 2020
Reise nach Ivano-Frankivsk

Pete: My time with my lady was the most fantastic time ever

I have found my trip to Nikolaev most fascinating. I have found the people to be most helpful.

The driver at the airport was most helpful. Lily my interpreter was the best. She made me feel at ease throughout my stay. She kept me informed at every stage of my stay. I can’t thank her enough. My time with my lady was the most fantastic time ever.

We had the most wonderful time together and we will start to make plans to see each other within coming months.

My lady and I have real feelings for each other. I have even spent time with her family. I want to thank everyone involved with my stay in Nikolaev.

I have found my trip to Nikolaev most fascinating. I have found the people to be most helpful. The driver at the airport was most helpful. Lily my interpreter was the best. She made me feel at ease throughout my stay. She kept me informed at every stage of my stay. I can’t thank her enough. My time with my lady was the most fantastic time ever.

We had the most wonderful time together and we will start to make plans to see each other within coming months.

My lady and I have real feelings for each other. I have even spent time with her family. I want to thank everyone involved with my stay in Nikolaev.


Pete / United Kingdom Uadreams review
Pete / United Kingdom
29 February 2020
Reise nach Mykolajiw

Michel: I am delighted with this stay

I enjoyed staying in Kharkov for 8 days, with sunny days to chance the stay and make it superb.

Thank you to UaDreams for helping and accompanying this first meeting with my lady. Thank you also for the professionalism and the good mood released by the interpreter Elena, it was essential because it allowed to be able to communicate and share the ... of each much more easily, and it allowed me to spend the stay with great pleasure and discovery.

So in words, I am delighted with this stay. Thank you also for all photos that Elena send us.

I also got to meet my lady’s daughter, and we got to know each other during sports activities like a bike ride together, and it was also important for my lady that all things was well.

The only concern I found was my lady kept a distance from me maybe she did not have the attraction for me that I would have hoped, but she assured me that was a good start.

So I am not sure that this relationship lasts over time with my lady because of this language barrier and her attraction to me, but that does no ... from her and her openness which is superb . This is what emerged from stay where I had a great time with my lady, her daughter and Elena. Thanks again to UaDreams for the professionalism.

Sincerely Michel

Michel / France
28 February 2020
Reise nach Kharkiv

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