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Testimonials & reviews

Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to present you the testimonials of the members who have found their soulmates with help of our Marriage Making Agency.

Hier äußern sie ihre Meinungen, Erfahrungen und Vorschläge, sowie auch ihre Meinungen nach der Mannschaft des UaDreams, für die Männer, die zweite Hälfte in anderem Land suchen.

Lesen Sie, bitte, auch die Begutachtungen der Frauen - sie sind sehr glücklich, Mitglieder unserer Heiratsvermittlung zu sein! Einige Begutachtungen und UaDreams Reviews der Frauen können Sie auch hier finden: Wie machen wir Frauenphotos.

We are so proud of what you, our dearest members,
are saying about us

Just look at these people and their sincere gratitude towards us. Each employee of our company invested a part of his or her efforts and talent, to help you to find your dream!

Simon: Ich liebe es, hier zu sein


Wow, ich weiß wirklich nicht, womit ich beginnen soll...

Meine Erfahrung mit UaDreams war von Anfang an wunderschön. Ich habe eine wunderschöne Lady schnell getroffen, und wir haben so schnell in Konnex gekommen, gleich von Anfang an. Es war schwer, sich vorzustellen, dass es möglich war, besonders wenn es im Internet so viele Geschichten über Scam gibt.

Ich fühlte, dass ich UaDreams vertrauen kann und in einige Monate habe ich entschieden, in die Ukraine zu kommen, um meine Lady zu treffen. Wow! Alle meine Hoffnungen und Träume wurden unverzüglich verwirklicht.

Die Ukraine ist voll der ehrlichsten und fürsorglichesten Menschen in der Welt. Ich habe in viele Länder gereist, aber ich habe solch ein Land wie die Ukraine nicht gefunden. Ich liebe es, hier zu sein. Unsere Übersetzerin Katya ist auch eine wunderschöne Lady und sorgte sich dafür, dass ich mit meiner Erfahrung jeden Tag zufrieden war. Ich fühlte mich so, als ob ich königliche Behandlung hatte.

Seit unserem ersten Treffen war ich mit meiner Lady jeden Tag im Kontakt, den ganzen Tag. Ich habe auch die Ukraine noch einmal besucht und mehr Zeit mit meiner Lady und ihrer Tochter verbracht.

Jetzt planen wur unsere gemeinsame Zukunft, also schauen Sie nach meinen Nachrichten!

Vielen Dank für Ihre ganze Hilfe, schwere Arbeit und Engagement. Ich schätze das wirklich und es ist unmöglich zu äußern, wie viel das für uns beide bedeutet.

Herzliche Grüße,

Ja, Sie dürfen alle meine Begutachtungen, die ich geschrieben habe, auf der Seite veröffentlichen, mein originales Feedback einschließend, das ich am Ende meines erstes Besuchs in Mykolajiw geschrieben habe. Ich hoffe, dass unsere Geschichte andere Menschen fördern wird, ihre zweite Hälfte mit der Hilfe von Ihrer Agentur zu finden.

Vielen Dank noch einmal!

Simon / Vereinigtes Königreich Uadreams review
Simon / Vereinigtes Königreich
21 August 2017
Reise nach Mykolajiw

Saulo: Compliments

Saulo / Brazil Uadreams review
Saulo / Brazil
30 March 2021

Latest and fresh testimonials date by date

Charles: UaDreams put worries away

To be honest, I had some worries that online dating from Ukraine could not be safe. UaDreams put those worries away. This dating site is very authentic and safe. The protection measures that Uadreams has implemented are safe for men and most importantly for women. I read so many investigative reports of men bad expressions.

I am one man that is very happy to meet my wonderful and caring woman.

She and I both were looking for that one special person to make up a whole loving relationship. To share our passions our goals and most important to be with some who trusting who is our "Rock" in good times and bad.

My lady and I are having a wonderful time together where she is showing me the best her country Ukraine has to offer.

My lady and I both put in the work in getting to know each other. We had written over 200 emails and over 25 plus video chats where we asked these questions and concerns about what we are looking for in a partner. Intimacy can be found in this way. As such we have an authentic connection and chemistry when we first meet. "Men do your work to win her heart - it’s work".

Thank you UaDreams for all the hard work you and the support staff had on this very professional dating site.

My lady and I are very serious about having to the next level of our relationship where we live together as a loving couple in Kansas.

Charles / USA Uadreams review
Charles / USA
28-30 June 2021
Reise nach Sumy

David: I was worried about being scammed but I decided to go with UADreams

What can I say. When I started this process I was worried about being scammed but I decided to go with UADreams. Now you do have to pay for minutes but look at it this way dating is expensive also. I’m from USA and anywhere you go is expensive.

After looking through the ladies there was one that caught my attention. We spent over a year chatting and getting to know eachother on video chats and mails. We wanted to meet in person sooner but Covid delayed it. With the delay we became very close and with every chat we became very comfortable with eachother. It became very obvious that her and I were on the site looking for the same thing. Last week I traveled to visit her. The agency made it very easy and picked me up from airport to travel from Kiev to Cherkassy (2.5 hr drive). Included hotel and interpreter in package. They also provided the documentation list needed from me. I was a little worried about safety since in another country but I never had any issues during my trip and people were very friendly.

I met my Lady on the first day at the agency. She was pretty in the video chats but in person was even more beautiful. I mean gorgeous. She speaks English very well so we didn’t need the interpreter but they called each day on a cell phone they provided to check if I needed anything. My trip was for 3 days and 4 nights. We spent all my time there together. All I can say is I’m so grateful to this agency for my introduction to my lady. And when I say lady I mean it. Very classy, smart, independent and if your looking for a serious relationship at least I know from my experience that I’ve never met a lady like her.

On my last day we exchanged personal info and talk daily now. For me she’s the one and we’re looking at moving to the next level and have her come to the USA and take a chance on marriage.

David Uadreams review
24 June 2021
Reise nach Cherkasy

Matthew: Branch staff really helped out with the first meeting

I enjoyed the service provided by the Nikolaev branch at the agency. They were very welcoming and friendly. Although I didn’t receive translation service, the translator Nina and other branch staff really helped out with the first meeting with the lady and made the whole experience smooth and positive. Thank you.

Nikolaev is a somewhat small city and doesn’t have many sights, but it is full of greenery and trees and has some nice places in the centre. There are many good cafes, as well as a zoo, a stadium, and riverside, so I’d recommend anyone to check those out. It has some good gyms and spa places too.

Matthew / United Kingdom Uadreams review
Matthew / United Kingdom
2 June 2021
Reise nach Mykolajiw

Dennis: Excellent translator

The agency in Lviv provided me with an excellent translator. She is very professional and helped me talk to the lady. She translated the words from the lady to me and vice versa very clear. She also coordinated the meetings with the lady very well and therefore we had a few great meetings. Khrystyna thank you.

Dennis / Netherlands Uadreams review
Dennis / Netherlands
27 May - 2 June 2021
Reise nach Lviv

Chris: I like lady, translation service and city

Wow. I like lady, translation service and city.

Chris Uadreams review
27-28 May 2021
Reise nach Lviv

Abraham: I was truly amazed to see and meet my beautiful lady in real life

My lady and I met in December of 2019, and right away I felt very good feeling about her. We talked through chats and emails for many months. I originally made plans to come to visit her in April 2020, but the corona pandemic broke out and kept us from making first meeting. I originally thought that she would try to move on and find someone else to start communication with, but she was true to her words that she was not interested in starting with another man and was in this for good.

We continued our communication throughout the year 2020 and when 2021 came arrived the things started looking up again. I went to get vaccine in hopes that my travel to Odessa to see her would be easier. Thanks be to God things opened up, I booked my flight, hotel stay and purchased our meeting and interpreter.

I finally arrived in Odessa, met my wonderful and very opened interpreter and my girl. To make a long story short, I was truly amazed to see and meet my beautiful lady in real life. She is so attentive to me and and even more beautiful and amazing then the photos and chats. This is the beginning of forever for me but once if she is ready.

Thanks to UaDreams and thank to my interpreter Natalia for making my time here in Odessa and myself feel comfortable. Also thank you to my lady for showing me her beautiful city Odessa. Will be back.


Hi, my name is Abraham and I just would like to do this small video to let you know that I am here in beautiful Odessa. I am right now here. I made to it May, 22.

I love this city, it’s very beautiful. Unfortunately, I am leaving back to America tomorrow and I don’t want to leave. I had a great time, I had a wonderful translation with Natalia who helps me to navigate to the city to see many beautiful places that Odessa has to offer like Arcadia, museums, art museums, many different restaurants that we got to eat in.

So thankful to her to help me out, for making my stay here very comfortable. I do want to come back some time this year. Yeah, we will see how is all goes there.

So, my trip here to Odessa was to meet my lovely lady. We met on May, 23 2021 and we spent a wonderful time here together. She was exactly as advertised, laughed a lot and we had much fun, very beautiful, very intelligent.

We had to spend some time with her family, she showed me around this beautiful city Odessa, we went to many excursions, we went to Arcadia beach, Shabo, — this is a little place outside of Odessa. She took me to many places and showed me this wonderful place and I love this place. I do want to return back and spend more time with her.

I just want to say thank you to UaDreams for making this trip very unique and wonderful and also thanks Natalia also for being my excellent translator and I want to work with her more in future. Thank you.

Abraham / USA Uadreams review
Abraham / USA
23 May - 5 June 2021
Reise nach Odessa

Rien: I planned a visit of 5 days, however it took up to 2 weeks

Arrival in Lutsk, next day visit UA agency.
Nice reception, even with coffee.
We talk some issues Irina and me and go for a date with the lady at 8 of May.
My lady and Irina and me went to the restaurant, have a dinner and spent really good time.
I planned a visit of 5 days, however it took up to 2 weeks.


Rien / Netherlands Uadreams review
Rien / Netherlands
21 May 2021
Reise nach Lutsk

Juan: I am very pleased how the service was

I would hope that many who give this service a chance will follow through. The level of the service is always professional and helpful. I had a great experience and my doubts were laid to rest. I am very pleased how the service was and to finally have the opportunity to meet my lady.

Juan / USA Uadreams review
Juan / USA
15 May 2021
Reise nach Cherkasy

Brandon: Take the journey and see the city too!

This is my third time here. And it is always first class to deal with. And easy would recommend take the journey and see the city too!

Brandon / USA Uadreams review
Brandon / USA
14 May 2021
Reise nach Kyiv

Harry: Agency is true and real and fair

Translator was awesome.
Town is great.
Agency is true and real and fair.
My date is great, had a great time.
Planned our second outing already.

Harry / USA Uadreams review
Harry / USA
5 May 2021
Reise nach Lviv

Ken: Don’t be scared to take the chance of finding your dreams

My overall experience on this trip was a huge success. My lady, interpreter, agency, and the city was everything I expected and more! The agency made my entire experience feel legitimate.

Although I came to visit my lady during covid, and the city was lockdown, our interpreter organized trips and made our time fun with with activities and experiences.

The city is a hidden gem with marvelous architecture that blended old Soviet feel with a touch of modern. When I came to my lady — she is simply perfection. If you imagine grace, beauty and realness she comes to mind.

Don’t be scared to take the chance of finding your dreams. The legitimacy of the agency will lead you in the right direction.

Ken / USA Uadreams review
Ken / USA
20 April 2021
Reise nach Kyiv

Michael: A great support with clients

I was very satisfied with the quality of Ira’s translation. She has a great support with clients and is committed to doing the best she can despite the ups and downs couples experience.

Michael / USA Uadreams review
Michael / USA
19-26 April 2021
Reise nach Ivano-Frankivsk

Pat: Will come back to visit her again

Great meeting. My lady is a great girl. And will come back to visit her again. And thank you to UaDreams for helping with this meeting.

Pat / USA Uadreams review
Pat / USA
16 April 2021
Reise nach Kharkiv

Raj: The staff response to my request was always professional

I enjoyed my visit to the office to meet the lady. The trip was pleasant and professional. Everything went well as per the plan and I was able to meet and go around the city with the translator and lady. I was on the site for over 5 years and the staff response to my request was always professional.

Raj / USA Uadreams review
Raj / USA
9 April 2021
Reise nach Zaporizhzhya

James: We had a delightful meeting

I met my dear lady at the Zaporizhia. We had a delightful meeting. Then we went out for a day of fun. Unfortunately Zaporizhia was closed due to the pandemic, so we drove up to Dnipro. We walked along the river, had a meal together, then I took my lady for a little shopping. It was a good trip.

My lady and I are still talking and meeting one week later. We plan to continue our relationship and I absolutely adore her.


James / USA Uadreams review
James / USA
3 April 2021
Reise nach Zaporizhzhya

Saulo: Compliments

Saulo / Brazil Uadreams review
Saulo / Brazil
30 March 2021

Grzegorz: I highly recommend Lutsk branch

At the begining I would like to say thank you for the Lutsk branch office, all its staff and for Alena, my translator, for the excellent service during my introduction service with lady.

I have been welcomed very pleasantly and everybody was willing to help me with anything. Special thanks to Alena, she was very professional.

Therefore, I had no problems at all, to communicate with lady with all important details I wanted to ask the lady about. Translation was perfect. Alena is very polite, cheerful, kind person. Therefore she helped me and lady to build a warm atmosphere between me and lady during a meeting.

Also, Alena together with lady have chosen a restaurant for our meeting. It was a perfect choice, because I felt great there. The food was tasty, drinks, sweets also, nice decoration inside and perfect localisation, which was very close to the agency office.

I was very pleased to use Lutsk branch office service. I highly recommend Lutsk branch for all men who plan to visit them. They will be very satisfied of their stay there, I am sure.

Thank you for everything.

Grzegorz / United Kingdom Uadreams review
Grzegorz / United Kingdom
26 February 2021
Reise nach Lutsk

Rodney: The trip was fantastic!

The trip was fantastic! The journey to get here started 6 months ago. COVID prevented an earlier trip. I met two ladies in IvanoFrankivsk and both are quite extraodinary. From the pickup at the airport to the drive back, my translators were exceptional.

Rodney / USA Uadreams review
Rodney / USA
24-28 February 2021
Reise nach Ivano-Frankivsk

Brian: I could not have asked for better service

Arriving to Odessa was a culture shock. However, I was glad to see a lot of English signs in the airport.

On Sunday I met my lady. She was so beautiful in person.

I want to thank Kate (translator) and all of UaDreams for going above and beyond with the service and the translation sessions.

I could not have asked for better service. I really enjoyed my stay in Mykolaev. The city was beautiful. I hope to come back another time.

Brian / USA Uadreams review
Brian / USA
21 February 2021
Reise nach Mykolajiw

John: The most amazing interpreter

Anastasia is the most amazing interpreter. She is so sweet and understanding! And makes it seem natural when I was going to meet my lady. Anastasia is the best.

John / Denmark Uadreams review
John / Denmark
13 February 2021
Reise nach Lutsk

John: It’s my soulmate 100%

— Hello dear John!

— Hello.

— So, nice to meet you here, in Ukraine finally.

— I am glad to be here.

— I would like to ask you how do you feel here, in Ukraine? How was your trip? Is everything good?

— I feel fine here in Ukraine, in Lutsk. I had a nice trip to Ukraine from Denmark. Your roads are terrible, but it was good trip. It was long because I drive by my own car.

— Ok, thank you so much. Can you tell me a few words about staff in UaDreams, in our agency?

— Oh, staff is wonderful in UaDreams, Anastasiia is a wonderful person and a perfect translator for us.

— Thank you so much, it is a big pleasure for me. So, you met a woman here, in Ukraine (Lutsk) in our branch. That is true?

— I met a beautiful, beautiful woman here!

— Are you happy?

— Oh, I am very happy!

— That is the most important!

— The most beautiful girl from all over the world.

— So, actually it is our main goal to find a soulmate for you.

— It’s my soulmate 100%.

John / Denmark Uadreams review
John / Denmark
13 February 2021
Reise nach Lutsk

Bruce: I am very satisfied with my trip

I am very satisfied with my trip. to Sumy. Marina was an excellent translator. Restaurants in Sumy are wonderful and very reasonably priced. My lady was amazing woman.

Bruce / USA Uadreams review
Bruce / USA
10-12 February 2021
Reise nach Sumy

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