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So, You have a golden opportunity to visit our beautiful town, which is situated in western part of Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Volyn region. According to the Ipatiev chronicle Lutsk was founded in 1085. In 1985 it celebrated it's 900th anniversary of foundation Lutsk is an old and at the same time modern town. It combines European refinement and Ukrainian hospitality. The town lies on the river Styr.

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Lutsk is one of the most ancient towns of Ukraine. In the 12th century it was the capital of the independent principality. It had to go through many trials in the past suffering from and offering heroic resistance to the Polish, Lithuanian, Austro-Hungarian and Swedish lords.

The newcomer to Lutsk is at once attracted by the magnificent view of a medieval castle - the Lubart Castle. It is an architectural monument of the 15th century. The castle was built by prince Lubart. Another prince, Vitovt, lived in the castle a few years later. At present there is a restaurant near the castle - Vitovt's Crown' - a perfect place to spend time with your beloved person!

Lutsk — beautiful city!

Lutsk has a very good geographical position and we'll explain why. You'll not have any problems to get to our town because the interentional airport is situated not far from Lutsk - in the city of Lviv. Besides Lviv is so beautiful city that you cannot but visit it with your lady! You'll have a wonderful trip and unforgetable impressions! So, we'd like to tell you a few words about Lviv for you to have a better imagination about this magic city!

We have recently celebrated Lutsk's Birthday!

It was a really big event! Our town is 920 now!

There were concerts and exhibitions, shows and other entertainments. The local park was full of people and the streets were just overcrowded!

The most interesting events took place near the Lubart Castle. The castle was decorated with ribbons and flowers. People came there to see an unusual show - the Knights' tournament!

Architectural Monuments

There are many monument in Lutsk, among them monument to the great Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrainka.

In Lutsk and throughout the region, people revere the memory of their famous compatriot and show their respect for the poetess by naming parks, libraries, palaces of the Culture streets after her.


If you dream to visit one of the most ancient Ukrainian towns, welcome to Lutsk. It existed already in the 12th century.

This town was small, but very important, that’s why it suffered from wars a lot. Swedish, Lithuanian, Polish and Austro-Hungarian lords tried to conquer it. It influenced the town’s culture a lot.

The most impressive building in Lutsk is the Lubart castle. It was built in 15th century and continues to fascinate the citizens and guests of Lutsk. Nowadays you can invite your lady to this castle to have a romantic dinner, because a beautiful restaurant was opened there several years ago.


There are some museums in Lutsk for you to visit. The Volhynian Museum of regional studies, the Memorial Complex of Glory are the most beautiful sights of the town. In the department of fine arts of the Museum of Regional Studies visitors can admire canvases by such prominent painters as Jose Rivera, Fans Shuberts, Nicolass Poussin, Ivan Aivasovsky and other.

What can be better than walking in the park hand in hand with your lady? There is a nice park in Lutsk where you'll be able to relax and listen to the birds singing, to have fresh drinks and just to enjoy yourself. Our local park is always full of people. Especially on the Independence Day. Our local park is the best place to give the first kiss to your lady!



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Climate in Lutsk is mild. The winters aren't very cold and summers aren't very hot as a rule. There isn't much snow in winter. So don't be afraid to go on a trip in winter. You'll not be cold anyway. To cap it all your heart will be full of love.

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