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24 Jahre alt aus Kiev
27 October

170 cm 5' 7''

50 Kg 110 lbs






in der Gesellschaft


University degree


Makeup artist

Ledig und Keine Kinder

Möchte sie Kinder haben?
werde mit meinem Ehemann beschliessen

Meine Sprachen
English Pre-Intermediate

Marina von Kiev 24 jahre - natürliche Schönheit. My wenig öffentliches foto.
About my family
I have had an example of a wonderful family relationship, a truly wonderful experience. But what I want to emphasize is that I want to build my relationship with the model of my family. I have second cousins and cousins, and in their dreams they find it fun with me, because every time they ask how I am doing, the children love me.
Marina von Kiev 24 jahre - liebende Frau. My wenig öffentliches foto.
What I do in my leisure time?
I try not to waste time and read a lot in my spare time. I do not disregard the literature of a psychological nature, but I also like the classics. I love watching movies, but only those that can be useful. So the main thing is productivity and pleasure while spending time. It seems to me that learning the kissing technique is a good option for spending time, very pleasant and very informative.
Marina von Kiev 24 jahre - glückliche Frau. My wenig öffentliches foto.
How would I describe myself
I'm a girl who doesn't waste time. My hairpins lead me to the library for a new book, and in the field of view I am searching for the peaks that I want to conquer, I have an assumption that these eyes can rush to you :)
Marina von Kiev 24 jahre - sich vorstellen. My wenig öffentliches foto.
My typical day
Every morning is a run, this is a drink that will refresh my body, and no, this is not coffee. Then I can read a few pages of the book, research notes, and writing plans. And then breakfast and I get to work, ready to talk a lot and make girls look really beautiful.
Marina von Kiev 24 jahre - sucht Liebe. My wenig öffentliches foto.
The type of man that I desire
I want to have a special man next to me. The best thing to talk about a man is his smile, will you show it to me? Tell me, do you love animals and are you ready to try for your girlfriend? The rest I want to know from your letters.
My future goals are
I like to change the appearance of people and I want to open my own salon. But I already have a good start, a foundation for my business.
Marina von Kiev 24 jahre - auf einem Sommer-Ausflug. My wenig öffentliches foto.
Marina von Kiev 24 jahre - Fotoshooting. My wenig öffentliches foto.
Our personal opinion of this Lady
A very educated girl who is sweet and always has something to say.
Marina von Kiev 24 jahre - Mann suchen und finden. My wenig öffentliches foto.
Marina von Kiev 24 jahre - Fotogalerie. My wenig öffentliches foto.
Marina von Kiev 24 jahre - will geliebt werden. My wenig öffentliches foto.
Marina von Kiev 24 jahre - Liebling suchen. My wenig öffentliches foto.
Marina von Kiev 24 jahre - gutherziges Mädchen. My wenig öffentliches foto.

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